Monday, 21 October, 2019

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Drivers abandon cars to collect $100 bills as armored truck’s doors fly open on highway

Bad day at the office? At least you weren’t driving the armoured truck whose doors flew open, sending thousands of crisp dollar bills billowing down a US highway.

Videos emerged showing the cash strewn across a highway in Atlanta as passengers abandoned their cars to try and gather as much of the money as they could.

While some media outlets are reporting the amount to be anything between $175,000 and $260,000, authorities confirmed the amount lost is unknown.

The incident occurred on the Ashford Dunwoody Road, with more than 15 cars stopping and passengers- in the words of the Dunwoody Police- “frantically taking the money” that escaped from the GardaWorld truck.

The police said: “When our officers arrived, they located an armored car on the right shoulder. The armored car crew said the side door came open while they were driving and money spilled out onto 285.

“Officers and the truck crew gathered a few hundred dollars that was still there when officers arrived, but plenty was taken by passerby’s sticky fingers. The exact amount is currently unknown.”

The authorities said that while they certainly understand the tempation to keep the cash, it is still theft and the money should be returned, and expressed gratitude there were no crashes of pedestrians struck as a result of the ‘isolated cash storm’.

The message seemed to stick with some people, as one the cops shared a picture of one individual handing over a rather large sum.

Though it didn’t register with everyone, as the police were urged to write this message on their facebook: “We have received reports off and on all day about cars blocking the roadway searching for money on I-285. THERE IS NO MORE MONEY! Please stop. Many thanks.”

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