Monday, 19 August, 2019

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Driver gets stuck on ‘Sheep Highway’ at Co Kerry pier

A motorist was left red-faced yesterday after attempting to drive down a pedestrian walkway at Dunquin Pier in Co Kerry.

The driver of the vehicle seemingly didn’t notice the bollards and the signs saying no through and wound its way down the narrow ‘Sheep Highway’.

Despite the narrow space, the poor learner driver continued on down until the car simply could not go any further.

The car left at the top of the pier after getting completely wedged in.

The team at Blasket Island Ferries posted a photo of the incident on their Facebook page and explained that once a car has gotten down as far as this one managed to, it’s impossible to reverse your way back up as you would burn out your clutch.

The narrow pathway is at a 45 degree slope in some parts and it’s hard to know what the confused driver was thinking as they drove down the winding walkway.

It was a few hours before the car could be towed back up.

It’s hard to tell which will take longer to recover – the driver from the embarrassment or the car itself.

It might be small comfort for the unfortunate motorist to know that they are not the first ones to make this costly mistake.

Back in 2016, another driver found themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place as well.

On that occasion, 200 people due to travel on the ferry had to have their trips cancelled.

Luckily, the ferry wasn’t running yesterday.

The car from 2016
The car from 2016

Blasket Island Ferries observed that both the car yesterday and the one in 2016 were Hyundais.

They also noticed that both times it was an Irish male driving the car – make of that what you will.

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