Monday, 19 August, 2019

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Is this the duo we didn’t know we needed?

Lizzo is one of music’s biggest stars at the moment – a fact that was evident last week when people around the country were left devastated after tickets for the superstar’s first ever Irish show disappeared within minutes.

The Juice singer is one of 2019’s breakout stars despite being around since 2014.

Her latest album Cuz I Love You features collaborations with the legend Missy Elliott as well as Gucci Mane.

Now, Twitter user @jackalexe has blessed us with the collab that we didn’t know we needed – Lizzo ft former Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

Yes, dreams do come true.

While the unlikely duo haven’t dropped a new track (although never say never) the Mayo man is the star of this hilarious Twitter thread.

@jackalexe has jumped in on the latest meme which uses Lizzo’s 2018 hit Boys.

Here we present you with Lizzo’s Boys as Enda Kenny, a thread:

When the meme started doing the rounds on Twitter, Lizzo began retweeting some of the best and begged fans to make more.

Her favourite so far is Lizzo’s Boys as Jeff Goldblums.

But we think that once she lays eyes on this masterpiece it’ll be bye bye Goldblum, hello Enda.

The pair could easily put out a fire mixtape when she comes over here in November for her sold-out show in the Olympia.

After reliving the politician’s sick dance moves in that thread we think that there’s potential for a pretty good video as well.

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