Monday, 19 August, 2019

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The secret to Marty Morrissey’s sideline success is revealed

Marty Morrissey has jokingly tweeted about what some have deemed as the ‘secret to his success’.

A photo of the sports pundit having to stand on a box whilst interviewing Sean Cavanagh and Mick Quirke on The Sunday Game was posted on Reddit.

“I don’t know what to believe anymore,” the user jokingly captioned it before Morrissey reposted it on Twitter.

In fairness to the Clare man, who measures 5′ 7, both former footballers tower over 6 foot.

“Look it’s very simple. A man has to do what a man has to do,” he said.

“6’2 Sean Cavanagh and 6’7 Mick Quirke had to be interviewed for The Sunday Game down the sideline …and I’m only 5’7 !!! Had to see into their eyes.”

Plenty of banter took place in the comments with Jacqui Hurley comparing him to a particular Hollywood star.

She said: “Tom Cruise gets platforms built into his shoes, @MartyM_RTE has an assistant who carries around a box for such circumstances. Rockstar life!!”

Brenda Donohoe also offered to lend him her stilettos for “next time”.

Others reassured him that despite his height, his fans will always look up to him.

“There’s no party like a Marty party”

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