Thursday, 19 September, 2019

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BGT fans astounded by German girl’s ‘incredible’ eight-dog act

Viewers were left crying with joy after watching a German girl and her eight dogs form a canine conga line on Britain’s Got Talent spin-off The Champions.

Alexa Launeburger was awarded the golden buzzer by Ant and Dec during Saturday night’s episode of the all-star reboot.

Judge David Walliams said of her performance: “This is one of the best acts we’ve ever had, this is pure unadulterated joy.”

And Launeburger, who won the German equivalent of the show, Das Supertalent, in 2017, swept through to the final.

Astounded fans flocked to Twitter to praise the young dog trainer.

One viewer was clearly impressed, saying: “Omg nut im sitting absolutely sobbing at Alexa and her dogs. sorry but that was incredible!

“Absolutely the best dog act I’ve ever seen, the love between her and her dogs is so pure my heart can’t take it.”

Another fan was taken by surprise.

“When you think you’ve seen it all then you witness dog conga,” they said.

Another wrote: “Can’t get over how good that dog act was.”

One shocked viewer threw their full support behind the girl, saying: “I cried seeing Alexas performance with the dogs, they are incredible.

“It was beyond amazing i hope she wins!!!!!!”

Another added: “Omg! The dog conga! Amazing! Definitely a good gold buzzer call!”

A final fan said: “That act on @BGT with the dogs is unbelievable. How can you train them like that to even perform a conga line.”

Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions continues on ITV.

– Press Association

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