Thursday, 19 September, 2019

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Boojum is giving students the chance to win free rent for a year

Boojum is moving from being your go-to burrito spot to offering students a chance to live rent free for a year.

Through a new campaign, the food company aims to shed more light on the of sky-high rents, a serious issue faced by thousands of Irish students.

Boojum’s campaign aims to forward the issue as a topic of conversation by duplicating typical ‘To Let’ signs, which line the streets in student areas, and turned two of their restaurant windows into Estate Agents with listings available from €0.

David Maxwell, Boojum’s managing director said they are undertaking the campaign as “almost 50%” of their workforce is made up of “third level students” and they’re “really conscious of the pressures” students are facing.

“We’re on the side of students, always aiming to deliver real value every day for them, but we knew we could take it beyond burritos,” he said.

“From speaking with our students, increasing rent really is one of the biggest issues for them and is a distraction that they don’t need.

“That’s the thinking behind this promotion; if we can help one student this year by taking the pressure of rent off their mind, then we’ve done something positive,” he added.

According to the National Union of Students in Ireland (USI), colleges are increasing campus accommodation costs by as much as 11.5%.

Boojum aims to solve this problem for one lucky student, freeing up much-needed cash to help pay tuition fees and household bills.

For more information on the campaign and how to win Free Rent for a Year, go to:

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