Thursday, 19 September, 2019

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Consultancy firm headquartered in Cork announces 40 new jobs

An Irish-owned consultancy firm has announced the creation of 40 new jobs in a significant expansion of its operations.

3SIXTY, which is headquartered in Cork, works with businesses ranging in size from 50 to 500 employees.

The decision to expand follows an uptake in demand for change in Irish businesses as a direct result of a number of significant factors. 3SIXTY says the threat posed by Brexit has been amongst the reasons why companies have sought outside help.

Brian Cremin, Managing Partner at 3SIXTY, says sometimes it can take an external threat such as Brexit to focus the minds of business leaders.

“How companies respond to challenges can define their future. Our expert team looks at how these companies can improve through process, people and technology. Equally, the wider growth in the Irish economy has resulted in a number of companies who want to grow but lack the internal expertise to do so.

To meet that demand, we look forward to welcoming our new colleagues to 3SIXTY in the weeks and months ahead.

Mr Cremin also says more and more Irish firms need help with recruiting and retaining people as the economy reaches full employment.

“At present, it’s an employee’s market. Employers need to realise that the decision to leave is not always about money. Our experience shows that the culture of employee engagement within a workplace is as important as the size of the pay cheque.

“Simple changes – such as better trained people managers, flexible working or social policies – can dramatically reduce costly churn as companies seek to hold onto existing talent.”

The company currently employs 10 people and utilises the expertise of a number of independent consultants across the country.

Meanwhile, there is more good news on the jobs front with 30 jobs being created in the west of Ireland.

Energy and lighting specialist Electric Skyline are now recruiting over 30 new employees to join their existing team of 50 employees.

“Demand for our services have increased significantly over the past 12 months,” explained Sean Corcoran Electric Skyline Managing Director.

“This is mainly due to organisations realising the benefits of the solutions that we provide, such as LED Lighting, which have a positive impact on their organisations bottom line whilst contributing positively to the organisations environmental and social agenda.”

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