Monday, 21 October, 2019

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Man discovers car trouble caused by squirrel stashing 200 walnuts inside bonnet

A man from Pennsylvania found more than 200 walnuts stashed by a squirrel under the bonnet of his car after noticing a burning smell coming from the vehicle.

Chris Persic explained on Facebook that his wife Holly had noticed sounds and a burning smell coming from the car before the discovery of grass and nuts was made.

Posting photos of the car on Monday, Mr Persic said: “My wife called me from Northland Library and said that her car smelt like it was burning, and was making a weird sound. I told her to pop the hood, and this is the picture that she sent me!

“I got a rental and headed over to clean out over 200 (not an exaggeration) walnuts and grass from under the hood.”

Mr Persic said that he got the car checked out by a mechanic, who found more walnuts underneath the engine.

He said: “My wife uses the vehicle for work, and it’s only been sitting over the weekend. She had it inspected recently, and the walnuts only started to fall a couple of weeks ago, so this happened pretty quickly.

“Fortunately it was raining out so the grass was pretty damp… could have caught on fire and been a different story, rather than a funny one!”

<figcaption class='imgFCap'>(Chris Persic)</figcaption>
(Chris Persic)

Mr Persic said that the car was cleaned and the nuts and grass were removed from under the bonnet.

He said: “They [mechanics] cleaned it out and checked all of the wiring and moving parts, but said there really wasn’t any damage.

“Long story short, if you park outside, do yourself a favour and check under the hood every once in a while.

“My truck may have had a squirrel chew through/pull out a fuel injector hose, and Holly’s looked like they were storing up for the next three winters.”

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