Monday, 21 October, 2019

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White Fragility In Our Time

From a local Chicago news report:

“Oak Park has a place for everybody,” said Trustee Susan Buchanan.

But a Monday night a discussion on rewriting the village’s diversity statement got heated over some specific words. Those words were: “We work to break down systems of oppression.”

“I hesitate to send the message to our police department that they are a system of oppression,” Moroney said in the meeting.

Moroney clearly frustrated Buchanan.

“You have been white from birth! Why are you arguing, what is a system of oppression? You have never experienced one!” Buchanan said.

Oak Park is 68 percent white, and has no minority people on its board of trustees. But it’s got a diversity statement! A super-woke one!

Surveys have shown that by far the wokest demographic are white liberals. This clip featuring a Chicago-area hysteric is a good example of that. Keep in mind that women are heavily overrepresented among elementary and secondary schoolteachers. Is there any wonder that public schools have become re-education camps for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity™?

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